Bilingual ESL Program

Bilingual Education
The purpose and goal of La Feria ISD Bilingual Education and English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs is to enable English language learners (ELL) students to become competent in the comprehension, speaking, reading, and composition of the English language. 
Programs shall emphasize mastery of English language skills as well as mathematics, science, and social studies, as integral parts of the academic goals for all students.  Bilingual Education and ESL Programs shall be integral parts of the total school program.  These programs shall use instructional approaches that include the use of the student's home language and are designed to meet the special needs of ELL students. The basic curriculum content of the program shall be based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.
Our Director

Bilingual/ESL Director

Annette Pena
Phone number: (956) 797-8340