Our Staff
  • Director of Guidance and Counseling

    Mrs. Haydee Rodriguez
Counseling Campus Contacts
Haydee Rodriguez
La Feria Academy
(956) 797-8360

Norma Becerra
(956) 797-8370

Ermelinda Cavazos
(956) 797-8370

Laura Duque-Garcia
(956) 797-8370

Ada Xitumul
W. B. Green Middle School
(956) 797-8400

Anna Zambrano
W. B. Green Middle School
(956) 797-8400

Marivel Guajardo
N. Dominguez Elementary
(956) 797-8430

Stacy Cantu
C.E. Vail Elementary
(956) 797-8460

Leonarda Garcia
D. Sanchez Elementary
(956) 797-8550

Lizeth Rodriguez
Sam Houston Elementary
(956) 797-8490

Organizational Chart
LA Feria ISD Counseling & Guidance Program

La Feria ISD Guidance and Counseling department is composed of eleven highly qualified counselors. The counselors' main goal is to assist and aid students to develop their full potential in his/her personal, social, educational and career development.

If you have any concerns or questions about the services that are available, please visit with your child's school counselor or call Mrs. Haydee Rodriguez, Director of Guidance and Counseling at 797-8360.
Elementary Links
  • Family Education
    This award winning site connects parents with information, with experts, and with each other to create a supportive and engaging community.  Topics include:  activities to do with your child, ages and grades, parenting challenges, and much more.
  • Internet 4 Classrooms
    Lesson Plans and Resources for Guidance
  • The National Parenting Center
    The National Parent Center, a national "parent information service" founded in 1989, is dedicated to providing information to parents to assist and support in positive parenting efforts.  Guidance is offered via some of the most well-known child-rearing authorities in the form of daily features and articles of interest covering developmental stages beginning from Pregnancy and Newborn to Pre-Teens and Adolescence.  Topics include:  communication, socialization, body image, drug use, setting limits, privacy and much more.
  • Facts For Families
    This site developed by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, provides a wealth of information about issues pertinent to children, adolescents, and their families.  There are 56 Fact sheets on topics such as:  The Adopted Child, Helping Teenagers with Stress, Children and Divorce, Children Online, Normal Adolescence, Children and Grief, Children and Watching TV, Discipline, Children Who Won't Go To School, Parenting, Preparing for Adolescence, Stepfamily Problems, Children and Sports, and many more.
  • Philly Counselor
    A realm of possibilities for guiding your children.
High School/Academy Links