ERATE Round 12 RFP

ERATE Round 12 RFP
Contact Information:
ERATE contact: Salvador Huerta III
E-mail             :
Phone             : 1-956-797-8330
Mail Bids to     : Attn: Salvador Huerta III - ERATE
                        203 E. Oleander Ave.
                        P. O. Box 1159
                        La Feria, Texas 78559
Or E-mail to     :
Post Date: 12/18/2008
Due Date : 01/21/2009 
Questions and Answers Area (Q&A post date 1/13/2009):
Question:  How do we specify installation and configuration for the items listed?
Answer:  Please add installation and configuration per campus as a line item.
Question:  We have recommendations for the bid how do we proceed?
Answer:  Please quote for the items specified.  On a separate page please supply recommendations for the project.